I’m a tech enthusiast, entrepreneur, optimist & passionate about great products and smart experiences that have a positive impact and contribute to our daily life as an individual and within a collective.


  • Strategic thinking
  • Data driven
  • Collaboration
  • Customer service
  • Problem solving


OAKTECH – Head of Product

. Responsible for spearheading investigation and analysis of the product and the product market, identify opportunities, and execute the validation and testing.

. Responsible for identifying issues in the strategies developed by the product management team, fix these strategic issues, and guarantee the whole department’s ability to meet the product’s financial, strategic, and technical goals.

. Working very closely with the engineering departments, design, sales, marketing to deliver the clients products into the market.

. Responsible for overseeing the innovation and improvement of the client’s products as well as the day-to-day product activities to ensure that the product is continually growing to suit the consumers’ needs.

KONKER LABS – Product Manager

IoT solutions by Konker Platform (PaaS) and other Market Technology, in special, Open Source Technologies.

. Dedicated to product and marketing to our software platform that connects and management devices and connectivity as well. Data integration, and machine learning.

. Defined product strategy, and product roadmap.

. Created end-to-end roadmaps to steer products from ideation through design and launch, including both market and customer requirements gathering.

. Engage beta-site customers and establish a partnership for eco-system.

. Collaboration with sales partner and establish eco-system for business development.

INMETRICS – Product Manager

My biggest realization has been the development of the Inspire. The Inspire is a Cloud platform to acquisition and data analysis, that allows real-time monitoring of IT critical environments, and offer a complete data map to help accelerate the decision-making process and reducing operating IT costs by up to 30%.

I define the product lifecycle, and I follow the key metrics; in partnership with engineers and designers, we developed the MVP, the first version and nowadays, I help the team deliver new features. Along with founders, I help to establish the vision, roadmap, and goals for the products. Produce marketing campaigns, and A/B tests also are my responsibility.

NET OPEN GROUP – Product Manager

One of the most important projects that I was responsible as a product manager, it was one of our clients in the fashion segment who needed to increase their base of e-commerce contacts. After some tests, we identified that the best approach would be to change the flow of the SALE page requesting registration. With this adjustment, the brand achieved a growth of 150% in over a period of 6 months, mailing accounts came to represent for about 25% of revenue, and the store conversion has increased from 1.46% to 3.01%.

I planned the Omnichannel Platform life cycle in partnership with engineers and designers: I delivered the product new features and I developed marketing campaigns for our product and to our e-commerce clients. The relationship with customers and business partners were some of the attributions of my position.

WEBB – E-business Manager

I defined the integration architecture and as a product manager, my responsibilities were to develop API’s, EDI’s and Web Services. I led the architecture and development team. I was responsible for our Marketplace integration with our clients’ systems, such as SAP, Oracle, and Sales Force. Also, I supported the Sales area.

An important project that I was responsible as a product manager was an implement of the agile model in the integration development team. We adopted a custom model using Scrum and XP. The measurable improvements include 65% reduction in time to market, the productivity increased by 20%, development costs reduced by 8%, turnaround time for resolving critical defects reduced by 50%. Also, we improved the quality by 10%. We measured this KPI by conducting an NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey with our customers.

EMBRATEL – IT Architecture Manager

I was a manager of the architecture team. My attributions were to review the architecture of the products, identifying components to be discontinued, create their transformation plan and build new products as well.

An important project that I was responsible as a product manager was the build of Embratel Services Portal. In 2010 we won the Intranet Portal Award Brazil. In the categories “Content”, 1st place and “IT Integration”, 2nd place.


Stanford University
Strategic Management

This course applies proven strategic decision-making tools that enable teams to ask the right questions and generate timely and high-impact responses.

Product School
Product Manager Certification

Standards, tools and best practices for software Product Management using the skills such as scrum, user testing, prototyping, A/B testing, KPIs definition, product marketing and data analysis.

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
MBA in Business Administration

Multidisciplinary vision and update of the knowledge of the best management practices and contemporary business.

Pontifical Catholic University
Master in Project and Systems Management

Specialization in project and systems management.

University of Rio de Janeiro
Computer Science.

Bachelor in Computer Science.

Archive, Award and Affiliation

The Award for Best Internet Portal in Brazil sponsored by Portal Internet Institute. The Embratel won the 1st place award in “Content” category and 2nd place in “IT Integration” category.

Volunteer Experience

Startup Mentor – Innovation, Early stage companies, and Connected solutions. THE VAULT San Francisco, and 415HUB Innovation Academy.

Classroom Volunteer – Providing one on one support to students and instructors with an understanding of the fundamentals of computer programing. Oaktech Academy, San Francisco.

Member of IT Committee – Science and Technology SAE.org, Brazil.

Technical Skills

  • Prototypes
  • Frameworks
  • Integration
  • Programming languages
  • Data analysis

Personal Interests

  • Volunteer Projects
  • Reading
  • Surfing
  • History & Movies

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