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3 Keys To A Data-Driven Product Strategy

I believe that product management is a combination of intuition and science. Product decisions must balance inputs from feedback and information provided by customers, data, and insights from product and engineering teams. The product teams need focusing on adjusting their development priorities to enhance the customer experience, improve customer satisfaction, increase analytics adoption rates, and[…]

How IoT can leverage small and midsize business

IoT small and midsize business @rzarref Rafael Ferraz
An article published recently in the IoT News highlighted the main advantages for small and medium businesses with the use of connected devices, and they are not few. For example, the massification of smartphones and smartwatches. These devices generate and store data from multiple specialties and can influence even business operations. The cloud-based software solutions[…]

Where the Internet of Things and retail meet

Where the Internet of Things and retail meet @rzarref Rafael Ferraz
It is no surprise that new machine learning technologies and the power to analyze large amounts of data have created unique opportunities in the e-commerce industry. Thanks to data-driven enhancements for ads, upselling, and cross-selling, online shoppers are able to get “what they want, when they want”. Such transformation had a direct impact on business[…]

The roadmapping in product management strategy

The roadmapping product management strategy @rzarref Rafael Ferraz
First of all it’s important to explain two distinct concepts: roadmapping and strategic planning. Strategic planning is a business process that combines market analysis and specific needed skills to meet a requirement. It is the implementation of the planning that generate results. Roadmapping is an approach to identify, map and define strategies, objectives and actions[…]

How can omnichannel help small business?

How can omnichannel small medium business @rzarref Rafael Ferraz
Increasingly we are connected to our smartphones, tablets and laptops without being limited to any type of cable or physical space. According to the survey released by Deloitte for the NRF in 2015, 40% of consumers now use their smartphones to research products in the physical store. Although the largest investments in omnichannel are being[…]

The importance of collecting information about your competitor

Market Research @rzarref Rafael Ferraz
Tracking competitors are something that every company should do. For online companies, it is a critical success factor. In addition to helping you to understand your market better, competitors analysis can assist you in generating ideas for marketing campaigns and marketing strategies. That allows you to make your business different from others. If you agree[…]